2014 February Favorites


Favorite/ newly purchased productsImage

From left to right

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer

Purchased from: Sephora

Price: C$32+tax

I have been trying to finish my Peter Thomas Roth Camu camu moisturizer since last year late November. I liked that cream at first, but the scent is just very strange and leaves an oil film on my face. I bought this moisturizer two weeks ago and started using it at night. To be honest I do not like having heavy stuff on my face at night. I usually do works in front of my laptop at night after shower, so I extremely dislike the feeling of having my moisturizer ‘oxidizing’ when i am still awake. If you know what i am talking about. This moisturizer is oil-free and has a gel-cream texture. I can feel my face tightening up immediately after rubbing it into my face.

However, It is still winter in Canada, and the wind is brutal. This moisturizer is still too light to use in the morning. Well, my statement sounds a bit contradicting, but I just feel my face will peel off on the way to school :/ I would say it can be a great daily moisturizer in the warmer days. Very awakening and I love the citrus smell!



Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer

Purchased from: Shoppers Drug Mart

Price: C$19+tax

Shade: 52 Eclat Medium

I stopped using my Tarte amazonian clay concealer now because it has been disgusting to put it under eyes. I guess the skin around my eyes is getting really dry somehow and the concealer creases like a bitch. Well, this one creases as well, just not as that extreme, and does not show much dry patches. It has a gel texture and dries up to a powdery finish. Only 3 shades selections. I love the smell. It feels very refreshing and light when putting it on. It has a light-medium coverage, well I do not have much stuff to cover up at the moment, only my panda eyes and some redness around the nose. I think if I can be consistent with my eye cream, this concealer will even have a better performance. So I am the one to blame for the creasing and dry patches :(



La Roche-Posay body balm

Purchased from: Shoppers Drug Mart

Price: c$33+tax (comes in a combo with a tube of shower gel, so it is a good deal)

Hands down to this body lotion. It is honestly the best body lotion I have ever tried. I have extremely Sahara dry skin, especially my legs and lower back. This thing ends the cracking of mah skin! Nothing more to say because it really works. No more dryness! YEAHHHHH! I am so happy that I bought this! No scents, easy to rub in, extremely awesome effects! 

Tips: use this right after jumping out of shower!!! 


Avene Gentle Toner

Purchased from: Shoppers Drug Mart

Price: I forgot :/

Again, winter is too brutal here in Canada. I just used up my Shiseido White Lucent toner, and I feel I want to have a more gentle and moisturizing one just to sooth my skin. Well, I need to stay in my budget and try to find some wallet friendly products as well! This toner truly gentle. Not irritating at all. It gives a good second cleanse while still keeps the skin soft and supple. I only used it approx. 3 times, but so far me likey!


I guess this is it! I still have some empties and rants to talk about later this month though.


Have a great day!



Me, myself, and I. BIG RANT RANT RANT RANT

Hi! How’s it going?

I have not posted anything for the past I don’t know how many months. Guess being busy was my excuse. My mom visited me during Christmas last year. It was so great to see her again. We went to the Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, even Toronto like two true tourists. I moved back to school, lost a couple of my very important stuff, went through a pretty sad phase during the new year. I don’t know, it felt like everything just could not be going right at that time. Plus, the weather was acting like a bitch. Well, still is. Oh, and I had my birthday in February. 

I have been complaining about many many things recently. School, interviews, relationships, money, and of course this weather. To be honest, I can feel my confidence in certain areas has been destroyed, bits by bits, in the past three years. Uni is depressing. I mean, I’ve been having fun. I met some really awesome friends, I found my boyfriend, I found God. But it is really upsetting that you think you have studied hard enough then got shitty marks later on the paper. Guess it wasn’t enough after all, eh? Sometimes I regret so much about the time I have wasted. It flies by with all the tv shows, movies, chatting and day dreaming. It is getting a bit challenging for me to find motivation to do things lately as well. I am doubting that winter blues actually has gotten under my bones. There was approx 5 hrs that I actually felt my body was sinking into a deep hole, and mentally suicidal. I am fine now, thank you.

Talking about money, I just found out that I have spent almost 2k in Feb. Well, I can’t complain much since I spent quite a lot on the ski trip, which I really enjoyed. And I bought gifts for people who I love. It feels ridiculous when money gets in the way. Maybe I turned into a material girl by watching too much YouTube haul and living in temptations. I am too weak. I am working on learning how to control my money in a better way. I started a spreadsheet to keep track of everything, switching highend products to drugstore ones (so far I like them), and trying to have healthy and simple meals at home. I guess in March I can see how much I could compensate my loss. Haha.

Well, birthday. I stopped ‘celebrity’ my birthday after hit 18. I had a big 18th bday party at a casino buffet. Then I just realized that it’s all bullshit. I started to feel insecure about aging, I meant growing up. I used to be so excited about turning one year older every year, guessing how many and what kind of gifts would I receive. Well, now it is just plain insecurity. I pretty much cry on my bday every year now. Well, first of all, I have not spent any bday time with my folks in the past 6 years. Second, I feel like a loser who has not accomplished anything yet. I know, I am very negative now. I cry because I am scared of what will happen to me. It is easy to say tomorrow will take care of itself, and it is easy to comfort other people with this. But it is hard to practice. Maybe I am still being that person who has little faith. 

I act tough, like I always do, like my mom always does. It’s in the genes, I can’t change it. Sometimes I say silly things to make people laugh, I think it is important. I am not trying to please anyone though.

One more thing, I really enjoy Miley Cyrus’s new album, Bangerz. She is talented, just not like seeing her tongue and crotch too often.

Hope you guys are having a great time! I will be having a monthly favorite/rants/empties post by the end of this week (?) Or at least pictures hahahahaha.





Haul: Tarte Off The Cuff Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette



Hello! This is just a quick haul :)


I bought this Tarte blusher palette the other week. I was so excited for this holiday gift set because it is truly a great steal! You get 5 flattering blushers (0.158 oz for each color) for for $50 CAD. The regular package is 0.2 oz for $31 CAD. Isn’t wallet-friendly? (c’mon)

Here are the colors/names from left to right:

Dollface (light pink),

Dazzled (soft rose),

Darling (nude melon),

Crave (pink peach) 

Park Ave Princess  (bronzer)


I should have done a swatch for these lovely colors, but I guess I can definitely do it next time? LOL

But for Tarte lovers, you know how pigmented and long lasting these blushers are!

The packaging is very luxurious and sleek! Makes me feel Christmas is getting so much closer!

The bow tie cuff in the set is actually pretty cute, but I don’t imagine myself wearing it :/ Simply just not my style! 



P.S. I think I can definitely work on the quality of my pictures! LOL usually I just snap a picture with my iPhone ;)

Caudalie vinosource S.O.S thirst quenching serum empty/review


Hi there!

So i finally finished this serum last week. Woohoo! 

This is actually my second bottle. I used up the first one while I was doing my co-op job in Saskatchewan. It was the most brutal winter I have ever had in my life! (-40°C plus windchill O.O) My skin was really dull and dry when I arrived. I was literally slapping Vaseline onto my face and in my nostrils (I had bleeding nose for almost a month). Luckily, my friend took me to Sephora one day, so I discovered this serum and decided to give it a try.

I was really curious about this brand because I have heard people raving about their beauty elixir (I have also tried that, lol, too bad I think it is not good for my sensitive eyes), and apparently this brand is very natural and expensive! DUH.

This serum retails for $48 CAD, 1oz. I really enjoy the refreshing scent and the liquid/milky consistence. I used the second bottle from May till early October this year for AM and PM, 1-2 pumps every time depended on how I felt. So I think it last fairly long. I would say this serum might be a bit rich for the summer time. I found  that I could just wash/tone my face + apply this serum then go to bed when I am tired at night. It did an amazing job to my dry patches last winter, so I am able to say that it will serve as a nice hydrating serum from fall to winter. I used this serum along with the vinosource quenching sorbet-creme for the first bottle, and they actually paired up perfectly.

I have to say Caudalie is one of my favorite high-end skincare lines. It will be a good choice if you want to pamper yourself with natural skincare. 

Just some thoughts

I created this account a couple weeks ago. Nothing special, but just wondering if I could have/develop this kind of hobby. I have always been a makeup junkie since grade 8. I did not really have any allowance back then, so I would steal money from my parents to buy a tinted lip balm, or nail polish, or face masks.  I started rewarding myself, or should I say taking care extra good care of my skin/appearance when I entered college and started working.


Sephora is one of my favorite stores. I can spend hours in there, getting lost in all those magical and colorful makeups, sniffing fragrances, testing out skin care products. I have just gotten this email from Sephora, stating that I am only $100 something away from the VIB Rouge membership status. Honestly I was so shocked that I have spent so much money on cosmetics this year. Yet, I am so amazed by the power of cosmetics.

I can not leave the house without painting my eyebrows. I would feel so vulnerable or even naked without my eyebrows. I love having defined lashes and shimmering eyelids. I love having a nice healthy glowing tan and highlighted cheekbones. I love being able to change the color of my lips everyday. I have to admit, having makeup on really empowers me. And now, I really want to share these wonderful experiences with somebody, like you.

Of course, there will always be hits and misses ;)

what's in my make-up bagFrom left to right, and top to bottom:

Maybelline eyebrow kit (bought in China, haven’t seen this product in Canada yet)
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion (original)
Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof concealer in light
Tart Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in frisky
Physicians Formula bronze booster in light to medium
Dior 3 couleurs smoky in 571 smoky nude
L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum sample
Revlon lip butter in pink truffle
Maybelline the falsies volum’ express waterproof mascara in very black
The Body Shop almond nail and cuticle oil

Shiseido eyelash curler
Quo angled brush
Ecotools blush brush