Just some thoughts

I created this account a couple weeks ago. Nothing special, but just wondering if I could have/develop this kind of hobby. I have always been a makeup junkie since grade 8. I did not really have any allowance back then, so I would steal money from my parents to buy a tinted lip balm, or nail polish, or face masks.  I started rewarding myself, or should I say taking care extra good care of my skin/appearance when I entered college and started working.


Sephora is one of my favorite stores. I can spend hours in there, getting lost in all those magical and colorful makeups, sniffing fragrances, testing out skin care products. I have just gotten this email from Sephora, stating that I am only $100 something away from the VIB Rouge membership status. Honestly I was so shocked that I have spent so much money on cosmetics this year. Yet, I am so amazed by the power of cosmetics.

I can not leave the house without painting my eyebrows. I would feel so vulnerable or even naked without my eyebrows. I love having defined lashes and shimmering eyelids. I love having a nice healthy glowing tan and highlighted cheekbones. I love being able to change the color of my lips everyday. I have to admit, having makeup on really empowers me. And now, I really want to share these wonderful experiences with somebody, like you.

Of course, there will always be hits and misses ;)

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